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Some exciting news! I am celebrating small victories today, I have a drawing featured in a coloring book! I also dropped off a painting at a gallery yesterday to be on feature for three weeks! That's right- an in-person gallery- yay!

So first, the…

chapter four and five


We set sail for Sparta. Jason sits beside me, pulls out two goblets and pours us both some wine shakily from a carafe. “You know, when you’re out on the sea, it’s best to have a drink in your hand,” he laughs. …


Something that all artists need, but it can be difficult to put together. The main thing you want to remember is to be concise and clear. Do not be pretentious. You will alienate your buyers, and come off sounding pompous. Say you are a…


I do look fabulous, but don’t feel it. I feel really uneasy. Elsa has put all my hair up, I am cloaked in jewels. I am wearing a magnificent purple gown that my friend Lillith made for me. It’s long with a slit up the middle, and hangs…

written by Clarissa Keener

Introduction ~The Prince’s Arrival

They have prepared everything; the Great Hall looks beautiful. Candles lit everywhere; running down the centers of the long banquet tables. The table adorned with local olives and giant carafes of wine. The band is set up in the corner; a small…

What inspires you?

I’ve created a mind map graphic to cover the basics, to which I will go into more detail here. The first is “History.” This is my biggest inspiration when I’m creating. I’ve always been a student of history, and I find it fascinating how it mirrors to…

Rainbow paint brushstrokes Clarissa Keener Art

Why do you create art?

Why do we feel the need to create? Why do we hang pieces on our walls? Easy, art=memory. Every piece hanging in our home is memory. You buy a piece because it speaks to you. …

Clarissa Keener

Artist in Detroit

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